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Are Solar Dealers In Massachusetts Charging Far Too Much For The Installation Of A Solar System?

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 According to the energy commission's website, the average price per Watt for a residential solar system sized at under 10 kilowatts, is an outrageously high $5.33 per Watt !

Compare this to the retail cost of an actual system, including big name brand solar panels, inverters, mounting racks, PV wire, disconnects and even a detailed set of plans for less than $1.40 a Watt and you'll get an idea, just how much many dealers in Massachusetts are making for only one or two days worth of work on your roof.

Translated into English, that means you're paying up to an outrageous $27,510 just for the labor on a typical, easy to install, 7 kW solar system in Massachusetts.

$27,510 for only one to two days worth of work on your Massachusetts roof, NOT including materials.



Solar contractors and their expensive cars. 

That might explain why so many solar panel installers in Massachusetts drive expensive cars and are always smiling.


Are some homeowners in Massachusetts paying too much for solar ?

You bet they are !

To determine whether you are paying too much for the installation of your Massachusetts solar panel system, take the price that you've been quoted for your solar power system and divide that number by the total DC rating Watt rating of the solar panels.

For example, if a 7 kilowatt (kW) DC rated system has an installed price of $37,310, then you're paying a price of $5.33 a Watt which is far too high for even a name brand, top of the line solar system with American made solar panels and power optimizers in Massachusetts.

That same 7 kilowatt solar system in Massachusetts could cost you less than $10,000 and here's how:

Massachusetts and many other states allow homeowners to pull their own permits and install their own solar systems, so if you want to save thousands, even tens of thousands on solar, consider performing the bulk of your system yourself, (it's not rocket science) and hire a contractor to complete the high voltage PV and grid connections for you.

Here are the steps:

1. Purchase one of our complete kits for as little as $1.35 a Watt and purchase the inicidental materials like caulking, conduit, AC and ground wiring from a local hardware store. Pull you Massachusetts solar permits with the help of our free permit submission package.

2. Install your mounting racks on your roof, and mount your solar panels, install your conduit and hang your inverter on an exterior wall. (With the help of our free tech support).

3.We'll refer you to three separate, reputable contractors that will bid against each other for the lowest possible final connection cost and and we will assist you with aquiring the necessary utility connection agreement. That's it!





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